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AW600 Precise CNC Lower Speed Wire-cut EDM



● Automatic lifting work tank
● Standard auto wire threading function
● Genuine Windows 10 system
● USB and LAN interface allow convenient datum-saving and datum-transferring
● 5 languages: English/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Russian/Spain/
● Standard keyboard and mouse.
● Check geometry path
● Support simulation drawing track and display for signal NC program
● Support the conversion of NC program from the special format to the standard format
● Support the corner machining deceleration and corner machining parameter Adjusting
● Support to automatically calculate the distance between upper and lower guide mold center and upper water cap and workbench of automatic vertical
● Two grades of wire tension system
● Support the automatic over-cut function, automatic detection the overcut and treatment.
● Support the empty running, can choose whether to thread wire, whether running empty. Empty running, actual machining conversion
● Support the error compensation of taper machining
● Support the offset modification and storage of machining condition tables
● Support center-finding in 45°/90°and display diameter of hole
● Offset of pitch error for axes X/Y/U/V/Z

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