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edm wire cutting machine for sale


Worktable Dimension550×360㎜
Travels X×Y×Z350×250×(380+300)㎜
Max Load on Work Table350kg
Max Pressure of Working Water14Mpa
Flume dimension800*450mm
Max Work Current30A
Electrode DiameterФ0.15-Ф3mm
Max Process Depth400mm
Max Processing Speed30-60mm(Ф1.0)
Max Diameter to Deep Ratio≥300
Workpiece MaterialSteel/Aluminum/Copper/Carbide and Various of Conductors
Working Medium    Tap water/Ion free water
Machine Exernal Dimensions1000×800×2000mm
Machine Weight950kg


Process deep holes of diameter from Ф0.15-Ф3mm rapidly.

Servo control system realizes speedy motion.

High accuracy movement by linear roller guides of Z axis.

X,Y,Z ,W four axes adopt high accuracy ball screws for fast and agile movement.

X,Y axes base high precision V-shape and Flat rails with Teflon protection for high stiffness .

Three axes DRO with linear scales, auto depth control helps blind holes process.

Special pump made in Taiwan. (Optional air pump)

Max process depth ≥400mm.

One touch, one hole made. (optional)

Rotating device sealed in plane structure by anti-rust material.

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