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CNC Wire Cut EDM Machining,electrical discharge machining

EDM (electrical discharge machining) is a non traditional metal machining process that uses spark erosion to remove material from the workpiece. An electrical discharge (spark) is created between an electrode which is usually a wire, and the piece to be machined. There is usually a low conductive liquid medium between the two, such as deionized water, which is continually flushed as the work progresses.
The EDM wire electrode is moved close the workpiece, which is then gradually eroded by the electrical discharge. As the workpiece is eroded the electrode is moved further into the piece, along a computer controlled path.
Typically a finished piece will go through several passes, the initial pass is relatively quick, and removes the most amount of material. Subsequent passes will retrace the cut path at a lower speed and removing less material but as a result improving the surface quality and bringing the workpiece to specification. CNC wire EDM is performed AFTER heat treatment so that the finished dimensions are not affected.
The cutting wire is able to be moved in several dimensions, and through large angles. This allows tapers to be cut into the workpiece; this is particularly useful for the production of extrusion molds. Cutouts and be created by threading the wire through a previously drilled hole.
In addition to metals, other conductive materials such as graphite, diamond and metal alloys can be machined using wire cut EDM.

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