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Benefits of EDM Wire Cutting at Novick Group

Wire EDM lends itself to some of the closest machining tolerances available today. At Novick Group, we witness the benefits of such exact cutting with each work piece produced from our state-of-the-art wire EDM machines. Beyond seemingly impossible cutting tolerances, wire EDM services offer additional benefits like:
Superior Consistency – throughout the duration of the cutting process, conventional cutting tools can wear down or even break, resulting in tiny inconsistencies in the final product. Wire EDM cycles new wire between spools to produce consistent electrode quality, which lends itself to repeatable wire cuts.
Simultaneous Cutting – in some cases, the EDM wire can cut through stacked sheeting materials to produce identical OEM components at the same time; this multiplies productivity, saving you time and money.
Material Compatibility – wire EDM can make precise cuts on a wider range of material than conventional milling. Our wire EDM erodes the work piece surface, providing the capability to machine hardened metals like tungsten carbide, or softer materials like copper. Additionally, extremely thin material can be accurately machined, because there is no contact between the piece and the wire. This eliminates distortions found in stressed cuts.
Eliminates Finishing – wire EDM cuts at Novick Group produces ultra-fine finishes which do not require additional surface treatments. A product coming out of our wire EDM machines is pretty much ready to go.

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