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EDM hole machine solution to some common problems

The EDM hole machine belongs to Electro Spark Erosion (Electro Discharge Machining) machine tool.
Working principle: Using continuous moving thin metal wire (called electrode wire) as electrode, the workpiece is subjected to pulsed spark discharge to remove metal and cut into shape. Different from the electric discharge wire cutting machine and the forming machine, the electric pulse electrode is a hollow copper bar. The medium is discharged through the hole of the copper rod and the workpiece is discharged, and the corrosive metal reaches the purpose of perforation. The medium is used for processing fine holes of superhard steel, hard alloy, copper, aluminum and any conductive material.
A: The machining of the EDM hole machine is unstable
The electrode outlet is skewed and the liquid outlet is not straight, resulting in unstable processing.
If the electrode quality is not high, this may happen. Please replace the electrode.
The deep hole is often short-circuited back and forth. It may be that the tip of the electrode is not straight or the center hole of the drill chuck is different from the center hole of the guide. EDM hole machine If the electrode front end is not straight, please change the direction of the electrode. If the center hole is different from the guide, adjust the concentricity with the adjustment mandrel.
Check whether the workpiece and electrode clamps are reliable.
The processing voltage cannot be adjusted, or short-circuited or open-circuited, and the servo system may be defective.
The discharge line is connected reliably.
The electrode quality is not high or the workpiece material has slag inclusion, resulting in uneven electrode tip loss, resulting in oblique electrode deviation, which can be used to cut off the skew bias and use better electrode and workpiece materials.
II: The machining speed of EDM machine is low
First check if the parameters are normal.
Check if the working pressure is normal. If it is low, please adjust it to about 7MPA.
Whether the flushing fluid is smooth or not.
EDM hole machine electrode is not straight, the electrode rotates to make a circle movement.

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