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The processing operation of the middle wire must follow the steps

At present, the multi-cutting technology of high-precision middle wire cutting machine has made great progress, and the noticeable increase in processing quality has attracted the attention of many manufacturers and users. Although the smoothness of the surface of the workpiece has increased after multiple cutting in the wire-cut WEDM, the cutting accuracy of this type of machine tool is still far behind that of the low-speed wire-cut EDM machine, and the accuracy of the maintenance needs to be further improved.
Other precautions for taking silk away:
1. It is necessary to maintain a certain gap between the molybdenum wire and the processed surface of the workpiece, and the width of the gap depends on the processing conditions such as working voltage and processing amount.
2. The need for higher insulation is to facilitate the occurrence of pulsed spark discharges. The voltage between the North and South poles cannot penetrate the interpolar dielectric.
3. It is necessary to use a pulsed power supply, that is, the spark discharge must be pulsed, intermittent, pulse width, to pulse distance, and tp pulse period. Within the pulse distance, the void medium is deionized so that the next pulse can puncture discharge between the north and south poles.
The thread cutting process in China is a very professional operation. There is no relevant qualification certificate, and it is not possible to get a job without training. The process of thread cutting in China is very rigorous. Due to the high precision of the processing work, the cutting process is very demanding. Even if there is a slight oversight in the process, it will cause the workpiece to be scrapped. The middle wire cutting operation must follow the steps:
1. Open the main power supply for wire cutting machine, controller switch, 24V stepper motor drive high pulse power switch and power switch.
2, according to the drawings punctuation of the workpiece size and the actual situation of the calculation program, pay attention to the diameter of the workpiece and molybdenum wire, can choose the right tool position.
3, open line motor, pump motor and high frequency switch control panel.
4, the coarse adjustment switch in the automatic position, disconnect the feed switch, is entering the processing stage, processing and further adjust the dimmer switch, tuning software, will be transferred to and processing the most stable state.
5, After processing, the high frequency pulse switch and the water pump switch of the machine should be turned off in order. If you want to close the rough closed storage tube switch, if you want to bring the brake off, press the red button of the main power switch.

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