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Walking wire cutting machine cutting

System abnormal noise may appear in the following five areas:
1, reversing moments, couplings or keys, then carefully check the reasons for the replacement of the loose has a large amount of keys to make it recover a large area of tight fit; coupling to restore the function of the cushion, so that flexibility The buffer is really effective, these parts can not work long-term sick, otherwise it will cause irreparable consequences.
2. The sound of foreign matter in the package is mostly due to the small metal particles or molybdenum wire entering the package. As long as it is not the balance adjustment in the package, the pin can fall off and it can be operated as usual. Very quickly, small metal particles or molybdenum The head will wear out.
3, the abnormal sound of the belt or gear, to check whether the belt or gear has been excessive wear, to be replaced in a timely manner, such as due to improper occlusal clearance, we must promptly adjust the occlusal gap.
4. The screw-threaded screw leads to excessive load force and causes friction or impact sound. The related parts will be damaged soon. The abnormal phenomenon at this part should be checked carefully until it is eliminated.
5, Cnc wire cut edm machine manufacturers wire drawing motor blade or its own dynamic balance.

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