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How Wire EDM Wire Cutting Works

In the wire-cut WEDM, multiple cutting functions are realized on the high-speed reciprocating wire-cut WEDM. Due to its simple structure, low cost, good process effect, and low consumption of the process, it has been used since the late 1960s. After the successful development, it will develop rapidly.
The middle threading adopts high-speed (8-12m/s) threading during roughing and low-speed (1-3m/s) threading during finishing. This work is relatively stable, low in jitter, and reduces material by multiple cuttings. The errors caused by deformation and loss of molybdenum wire make the processing quality relatively high. The processing quality can be between the edm wire cutting machine for sale and the low-speed wire feeder.
In the multiple cutting, the first cutting task is mainly high-speed stable cutting, and high current can be selected and the high pulse current can be used for high current cutting to obtain a higher cutting speed. The second cutting task is intensive repair to ensure dimensional accuracy. Intermediate criteria can be chosen so that the roughness Ra after the second cut is between 1.4 and 1.7 μm. In order to achieve the purpose of finishing, usually adopt low-speed wire-feeding method, the wire-drawing speed is 1~3m/s, and the tracking feed speed is limited within a certain range to eliminate the round-trip cutting stripe and obtain the required processing dimension accuracy. . The task of the third, fourth or more cutting is to polish the light, and the light can be repaired with the minimum pulse width, and the peak current varies with the surface quality requirements. In fact, the finishing process is an electric spark mill. Cutting, processing volume is very small, will not change the size of the workpiece.
Multiple cutting should pay attention to the deformation processing, because when the workpiece is cut online, with the effect of the original internal stress and the processing thermal stress generated by the spark discharge, it will produce directional, irregular deformation, affecting the processing quality and Precision. Therefore, it is necessary to reserve different machining allowances according to different materials. In the later multiple cuttings, there is enough margin for the fine cutting processing, so that the final size of the workpiece can be guaranteed.

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