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How to improve the finish of wire cutting

Wire-cut finish is made up of two elements, one is the size of a single discharge pit, and its RZ is usually between 0.05μ and 1.5μ, which is secondary to the cut finish. The second is the convex and concave fringes caused by commutation. Its RZ is usually between 1μ and 50μ. It is also possible for it to be larger than 0.1mm. This is the most important factor that constitutes the line cutting finish. At the same time it is accompanied by black and white stripes of reversal, giving people a strong visual impact.
It is easier to control the pit size due to a single discharge. It is only necessary to reduce the energy of a single pulse. Only a single pulse energy is small enough to cause thick workpieces to be cut, or even a short-circuited, non-discharged, spark-free state. This is similar to the fine regulations in EDM, resulting in extremely low efficiency and poor chip evacuation capability. Unstable processing. Moreover, RZ caused by discharge pits and RZ caused by commutation fringes are not within the same magnitude range, so controlling RZ with commutating fringes is the most important. The reasons such as the accuracy of the guide wheel and the bearing, the constant tension in the up and down direction, and the trajectory of the up and down movement of the wire are inconsistent. This mechanical factor is the main cause of reversing the convex and concave.
Taking the following measures will improve the degree of finish to some extent:
1, appropriately reduce the pulse width and peak current, which reduces the size of the pit.
2. The guide wheel and the bearing maintain good accuracy and smooth operation, reduce wire chatter, wire jump, and minimize the amount of wire displacement to maintain a linear displacement.
3. The wire maintains proper tension, and the guide wheel and the inlet block are adjusted so that the tension in the work area remains unchanged when the wire is moved up and down.
4, silk should not be too tight, the water should not be too new, the new water is certainly beneficial to the cutting efficiency, but the cutting finish is not optimal for new water.
5. A thin splint is added to both the upper and lower sides of the workpiece, so that the commutation stripe is buffered within the splint range.
6. XY movement is stable, accurate, follow-up fidelity, and no block creep is also very important.
7, to maintain a stable and loose frequency tracking.
8. Re-cutting or multiple cutting of the appropriate amount of remaining, sweeping the cutting surface again with a small amount of cutting will have a beneficial effect on the dimensional accuracy and smoothness. Even after three sweeps, the commutation stripes will be basically removed. As long as the machine tool has high precision in repeated positioning, proper number of passes will be processed several times, which will increase the smoothness of the cutting surface by one to two orders of magnitude. The effect is similar to that of walking wire and it is not too time consuming. This is fast wire cutting. One of the long items of the machine.
9, thicker workpieces can be properly used short wire, a commutation feed less than half a wire diameter, but also covered the commutation stripe. Of course it's just cover up.

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